See this at the mall today, I spent so much money on it

Hurry Up! Don't miss out to give surprise party to your guests by serving sparko sweets lollipops

The last of my haul of Japanese candy.

Went a little Kit Kat crazy on our latest haul of Japanese candy.

On this Thanks Giving serving "Thankful for You lollipops "

(wtf?!?) Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is Real. Here's How to Get It

Just tried Pocky, wasn’t disappointed

Finally!! White choco layer crunch!

About to eat this; wish me luck!

Sugar free Lollipops

Princess Party Ideas

Doing this for next Halloween

Matcha Flavored KitKats!! Very, tasty. One of the best KitKat Flavors!

Creme Savers on eBay

Galaxy Lollipops

My haul from Japan - part 2

My haul from Japan - part 3

What's up with these different Reese's logos? Some of them say 'peanut butter cup' and some of them just say 'peanut butter'...

Oh god help me, I got a giant 1lb bag of Smarties for like 75% off and I love Smarties. I’ve eaten half this bag in the last few days.

Saw this on Instagram, wish i had the skills to make it!

Umm ok are they sour and spicy or just spicy

Elon Musk Approves

My new favorite sour candy (way more flavorful than typical trolli)

What candy is this?

Today I got a tootsie pop without a tootsie roll center!

My haul from Japan - part 1

Wines That Goes Along With Candy -

Every m&m's flavor ever made

If you like butterfingers your in heaven at my house

I ate an E today. It was tasty :D