Taken from the top of a Ferris Wheel
Eiffel Tower, Autumn
There's this tree on the side of the lake, people try to keep it out of the frame when taking their pics. I decided to include it. Made it my subject. Nainital, India.
One of my favourite pics so far
Did my second portrait shoot today
A nice tree
What do you guys think?
A bridge through nature
Sunrise at Hampton Beach
Welcome To My Imagination - Double Exposure
Above the Swiss Alps
Colors & Textures
First photoshoot with a couple buds. Thoughts?
Rainstorm over Toronto
My brother's barn. No filter or edits. What do you guys think?
An orchid
Basilique du Sacré Cœur in Paris on a busy summer day.
Long Exposure day at the beach
i’m 15 with a camera , how do i take better pics?
photo I took of a llama last year
first camera, practicing taking shots of my son. honest thoughts please, i've always been interested in photography but didn't think i could pull it off. thank you!!
I believe I absolutely NAILED this shot! 50% crop eos m100 22mm aperture wide open whatya think ?
Empty station
Milky ocean
Steel Wool Still Looks Cool
Trekking with a friend.
A calm summer sunset
Red Panda at San Diego Zoo
Post rain walk in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Saw a butterfly on a hike.
First photo with the new camera. How would you improve this photo/edit?
A boat on a Sardinian beach
A different angle on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, learning to use the camera in my Huawei P20 pro
Critique On Edit
Albert Dock Liverpool
Window Stare
Got back to doing some portraits at last
'Little Man, Big City' Mamiya 645 / Expired Ektar 100 / 35mm
I saw work on Day to Night Photography a while ago and decided to start experimenting with it myself. These are 4 different exposures, taken with different settings at different times of day and then blended as layers in Photoshop to show, in a single image, the transition from Day to Night.
Had to digitally zoom
Working on portraits, would love feedback on post!
Evening Aarti on the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi, India
Spider in a dog skull.
Long exposure sunset
A sunset in the forest.